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Fantastic Fireworks specialise in offering high quality fireworks that will create an amazing display, and no display is complete without some of our big rockets! Each of our big rocket fireworks is available to purchase online today at competitive prices. These are sure to create a spectacle for guests to behold; you may also be interested in our loud fireworks range too. If you want to dazzle people with bright colours and plenty of noise, the combination of these two types will be just what you are looking for.

If you want to really light up the sky, our big rockets are the perfect way to do this. As the rocket fireworks shoot up high into the sky and create a big boom of noise and colour, you will produce the perfect start, middle or end to a display. With some of the big rockets reaching up to 100m high, you will be able to see these from a great distance.

Most of the big rocket packs come with at least 4 rockets, and our Monster Rocket pack consists of 24, which all create short and sharp bursts of noise and colour up into the night sky. With noise and colour ratings averaging around 7, and options above, these create stunning and exciting visual effects for everybody to enjoy.

Having browsed through the selection of impressive big rockets we have available at Fantastic Fireworks today, why not view some more of our popular products? If you want to create the perfect way to end a party with minimum effort, choose from our range of single ignition fireworks.