PTA Fireworks


How we help PTA's

School firework displays are one of the best ways to raise funds (If not the best). With schools making thousands of pounds in one night! 

At Fantastic Fireworks we understand how PTA's work and how important they can be. Because of this we can offer a truly personal and effective service. Not only helping you pick the right fireworks for you and your budget. But also giving safety tips and advice, offering firework training and providing safety equipment and P.P.E.


Why you should choose us:

  • A truly personal service 
  • We can recommend insurance companies 
  • All our fireworks are B.E.S and C.E.S approved 
  • We offer firework training (completely free for orders over £1000) 
  • Pre made firework packs (Display ready) with discounted prices and free fireworks
  • Firing orders  
  • Delivery for a date that suits you
  • 5 stars on Trust Review

and much, much more.

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