Can anyone buy fireworks from this website?

Yes, as long as you are based in the UK and over 18. 

Do I need a licence to buy fireworks or to put on a display?

Everything available on our website, brochures and shops can be purchased and fired by members of the public without a licence or any formal training, that's why they're known as home fireworks! You're also allowed to fire a display from a private property during 7 am-11 pm (except various occassions, see 'when can I fire my show' below)

 Do I need fireworks insurance?

All our fireworks are covered by £5 million in product liability and if you are lighting them at home, most household policies include at least £1 million of public liability insurance. However, if you are planning a public fireworks display, you will need additional liability insurance. 

How can I help pay for the Display?

How about boosting the fundraising potential of your fireworks display with sparklers and glow sticks? Or if you have some willing volunteers available, provide a service selling hot soup and hot dogs to warm everyone up! 

Do I need to buy anything with the fireworks?

All our fireworks come with a set of instructions, firing order and even equipment when necessary so you don’t need to worry about additional preparations unless otherwise stated. 

How should I prepare on the day of firing the display?

On the day, set out the display, preferably in daylight. Keep everything well protected from wet weather - please refer to our Waterproofing Guide' and stand by to impress your guests!

Are the fireworks safe?

All our DIY / Home fireworks conform to the specifications of the British Standard BS 7114, which requires fireworks to be quality tested prior to sale, to have adequate delay fuses prior to ignition and to have labels with clear descriptions, warnings and instructions.

What about transport of fireworks?

If you are collecting your order from one of our stores, you can carry up to 50kg of fireworks in your car or van without any restrictions. Alternatively, we can deliver the fireworks straight to your address free of charge on orders over £275 (UK Mainland Only). If you have any further questions regarding transport, feel free to give our team a call on 0800 511 511.

What if it rains?

Provided you have kept your fireworks dry by following our Waterproofing Guide, wet weather shouldn't be a problem.

However windy conditions can make firing a display hazardous and we would advise not to go ahead if it is any more than breezy.

When can I fire my show?

You can fire your fireworks display on any day of the week at any time between the hours of 7am-11pm with the following exemptions

• Until midnight on Bonfire Night (November 5th)

• Until 1am on Diwali and Chinese New Year.

• Until 1am on New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day 

Please be considerate towards your neighbours when staging a fireworks display - especially the elderly and those with young children and animals. If you can, avoid letting your fireworks off after 10pm.

Click here for Fireworks Regulations 2004

Where can I fire my show?

Ideally you should find a location (with permission to use fireworks) clear of buildings, sheds, trees, vehicles and overhead power cables. All Fantastic Firework products require at least 25 metres (50 metres if you possible, especially when using our single ignition fireworks) distance between spectators and a fall-out zone at the rear of the firing site where rocket sticks and debris can fall harmlessly.  

Who should I notify?

We always advise that you inform the fire brigade, police, your neighbours and nearby owners of pets and farm animals of the date, place and time of the display. If you are near an airport or the sea, you should also inform the Civil Aviation Authority and/or the coastguard.

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