Environmental Policy

Fantastic Fireworks is committed to making a positive contribution to a greener world. We believe we are industry leaders in reducing pollutants in firework displays.
Our approach  
For us, being green is about doing more while thinking about the environmental consequences of everything we do. 

By analysing products and technologies, we incorporate sustainable options into our processes and delivery. 

Throughout the entire process we embrace green. 
This approach is embedded in how we work and comes as a result of our long-term commitment to showing leadership in green. We have the expertise to help and encourage our customers to deliver their own demanding environmental ambitions.  
It also helps us to be a better neighbour in the communities in which we work. 

Leadership in green 
Our aim is to be the leading green contractor for fireworks displays. 
We aspire to always present to our customers the benefits of green solutions and, through our active role on the management committee of the British Pyrotechnics Association (BPA), we are pushing our industry to do more. 

Everyone loves fireworks. As a responsible company we are committed to playing a leading role in ensuring their continued enjoyment while mitigating any environmental impact they may have.  Over the following pages we will demonstrate how we are addressing issues such as plastic content, chemical content, noise content and CO2 emissions.
Fireworks can be loud and the vibrations can travel far. Noise from fireworks scares pets and wildlife like birds. They may also disturb the elderly and the sick.  The loudest fireworks can exceed 140 decibels, equivalent to a clap of thunder. Constant exposure to this level of noise can damage your hearing.  

However most fireworks are well below this level, peaking at an average of 98 decibels at a distance of 400 metres.  

Research suggests that exposure to this level of noise over a relatively short period, such as a 20-30 minute fireworks display, will not impair your hearing.  

Although it is generally accepted that those big, colourful and noisy starbursts are part and parcel of a typical display we pledge to keep the noise level of your display to an acceptable level whilst not compromising on its quality and impact. By carefully designing sequences of pretty, colourful and quiet sequences interspersed with an injection of noisier types we will not only create an artistically balanced display but will keep the overall average noise level to below 100 decibels.