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Spent Fireworks – some advice from Fantastic Fireworks

It’s a very common conundrum. You’ve bought some fireworks online and the fireworks didn’t go off. Some people refer to these as mis-fired fireworks, but we think this is more where a firework malfunctions. I digress. What to do with your spent fireworks after your display: If the fireworks you bought don’t go off, or you are wondering what to do with your used fireworks, you would do well to read page 20 of this link: The most important part of this is the following sentence:  “soak misfired or partly spent fireworks in a... Read More

Buy Fireworks Online – A Guide

The trouble when you come to buy fireworks online is that most people don’t know where to start. If you’ve done it before, you’re probably fine, but many people find themselves in a situation where someone has asked them to “buy fireworks for the party” and they simply don’t know what to do. As is the modern way, they don’t really want to phone for advice (although if they did they’d get a very friendly reception from most fireworks suppliers), they simply want to go online, click a few buttons, tap... Read More

Launch Kontrol Firing System for Fireworks Displays

Are you worried about hand firing your fireworks display? Well there is a firing system available from Fantastic Fireworks which may be the solution to your problem: The Launch Kontrol remote firing system. As well as buying your fireworks online with Fantastic Fireworks, you can now also buy the Launch Kontrol wireless firing system for your fireworks display. Our remote firing system can fire up to 15 fireworks from a distance of up to 25 metres. These devices have been brought in by Fantastic Fireworks as part of our commitment to your fireworks safety.... Read More

Fireworks Display Essentials #1 – Loud Fireworks

Loud Fireworks: When you buy fireworks you need to think about what’s going to entertain your audience. The Fantastic Fireworks range caters for all types of fireworks tastes, but the usual winner is noisy fireworks! As long as there are no animals around and your neighbours are aware that you’re putting on a fireworks display, then you should in theory have carte blanche to send up whatever you want in your fireworks display! The best way to grab attention and to have people talking after the event is to buy fireworks... Read More

Fireworks Planning – A Guide to laying out your fireworks display

You’ve bought fireworks online (from like, let me see, I like Fantastic Fireworks!) and you have an assortment of rockets, catherine wheels and box (aka cakes or barrages). What next? Well, once you’ve read all the safety instructions and followed them as best you can, you need to think about fireworks planning, ie the order in which you’re going to fire them. For the sake of simplicity, we recommend lining up your fireworks display in three channels, with a view to lighting in rows moving either forwards or backwards as you go.... Read More

Fireworks Training with Fantastic Fireworks

The Fireworks Training School was the first school of its kind set up in the UK. We offer pyrotechnics training for professional fireworks or for domestic fireworks in the form of one and two day courses on selected weekend dates throughout the year. These courses cover both Category 3 (domestic fireworks) and Category 4 (professional fireworks). The former tends to be a one day course with slightly more emphasis on firework safety and the latter, a two day course which has a strong fireworks safety element, but also goes into... Read More

“I want to buy rockets” – things people say in our fireworks shop

People often come into 0ur shops and say “I want to buy some rockets“. To you this may seem like a perfectly normal thing to say when going into a fireworks shop. However, we’ve worked out that the reason people say this is because they don’t actually have any knowledge or experience of buying fireworks. (Editor’s note: this is not a crime! People who ask to buy rockets are still very welcome at the Fantastic Fireworks shop!) There is, of course, nothing wrong you if you buy rockets, but it... Read More

Fantastic Fireworks will help organise your fireworks display!

So, you’ve been asked to organise a fireworks display and you’re not sure what to do next. It’s a scout group, or a PTA, or maybe a company do. Here’s our advice: call Fantastic Fireworks; they’ll sort it all out for you! If you give us your budget and an idea of your firing site, we’ll gladly arrange which fireworks are best suited and in what order (with timings) you need to fire in. This is not just a service reserved for our professional fireworks display customers; we are aware... Read More

The Firework Hammer

We’ve received many calls asking if we stock “Firework Hammers” in recent days. At first I didn’t know what they were talking about, but after some digging on youtube I now know and i am delighted to announce that Fantastic Fireworks will be selling the Fireworks Hammers as of 2012. Just kidding, but watch this anyway: