Fireworks to music and what to choose

Fireworks to music and what to choose Here is a guide from Fantastic Fireworks about choosing the right music and fireworks for displays. There are literally millions of individual music tracks out there that you can incorporate fireworks with, but some music is better to use than others. You can put fireworks to quieter and more chilled out tracks and you can put fireworks to up-tempo and lively music. Either way works just as well providing you use the right kind of fireworks. Generally, the rule of thumb is that with quieter... Read More


Fireworks for Romantics

With Valentines Day upon us we thought we would go through some of our fireworks and firework effects that would be perfect for Valentines and any other romantic themed events like Weddings, Anniversaries and Engagement parties. Fantastic Fireworks have an excellent range of fireworks perfect for any romantic celebration, and the first to look at is our Party In A Box Party In a Box, as the name suggests is the ultimate party firework and is a good all-rounder as a part of any romantic display. It has 32 shots... Read More

2017 fireworks 07/12/2016

Budget New Year Eve house party 2017

There are only a few days left until 2017 and many of us will only start planning New Year’s Eve celebrations. Unfortunately, many of the big parties and firework displays are ticket only which are either really expensive or sold out. Your local pub or restaurant is also likely to charge extra for simply spending the evening there. Why not throw your own NYE party and set your own rules? That way you can avoid the big crowds, queues and unreasonably high priced events! It doesn’t need a great deal of... Read More

Different types of fireworks for sale at the Fantastic Fireworks shop 31/10/2016

Buying Fireworks Online: Tips for Making Sure You Buy Safe Fireworks

The internet has made every industry flourish and buying fireworks online is no different — but it’s vital you make sure what you’re buying is safe to use The internet has had a significant effect on… well, everything! Whether it’s your work, social life, or just doing some shopping, having access to an internet connection gives you an endless amount of options to explore. Take fireworks, for example: a product that is rather specialised in nature and not something every shop will sell; especially the products featured in some of... Read More


Sneak preview of fireworks at Luton Hoo 2016

The annual feel-good fireworks display at Luton Hoo returns on September 10 to showcase some of the best Fantastic Firework products yet! Yes, it’s still summer and the last thing you want to think about is bringing back boots and sweaters but Autumn is fast approaching and as enthusiasts of the season, we want to be the first to shout about it! But don’t go just yet because we’ve got some good news. If you haven’t already heard about it through our social media or recent posts, we are holding a FREE,... Read More


A Guide to firework terms by Fantastic Fireworks

Buy Fireworks from Fantastic Fireworks Fantastic Fireworks glossary A useful A-Z guide of fireworks related terminology along with their definitions by Fantastic Fireworks Shopping for fireworks or learning about them may seem straightforward but there are some terms or products which you may not have come across before and that’s okay because Fantastic Fireworks have listed all the terms you need. Aerial– Any firework product that launches effects into the sky as opposed to a ground-based effect. This can range from single shots to elaborate multi-coloured ones with numerous sequences.... Read More


Fantastic Fireworks Demo Night at Luton Hoo Hotel 2016

buy fireworks from fantastic fireworks Fireworks Demo Night at Luton Hoo Hotel – September 2016 It’s that time of year again where you get to witness a free fireworks display showcasing Fantastic Fireworks newest, most splendid products at Luton Hoo. Every year Fantastic Fireworks organises a mesmerising display which you can come and enjoy free of charge. This year it will be taking place in Luton Hoo, a luxury 5-star hotel, golf and spa on the 10th of September after 7:30pm – perfect timing to view all new items just... Read More


Fantastic Fireworks New products for 2016/2017

Buy fireworks from Fantastic Fireworks New fireworks for sale Be the first to learn about our latest fireworks range and exciting promotions. Did we mention, you can also browse through our latest online catalogue too? Delivery of our new brochure Last year was an exciting time for Fantastic Fireworks because along with celebrating our 30th anniversary, we were also the lucky winners of the British Fireworks Championship for the second time. This year a lot of our efforts have gone into finding out what you want because our customers are at... Read More


Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Buy fireworks online from Fantastic Fireworks >>> Last minute plans for to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday will be one of the biggest highlights of 2016, and you probably intend on doing something but think it’s too early to act on it? Well think again because tickets to some of the biggest shows have been long sold out including the Birthday Celebration event which will see 900 horses, 1500 riders and performers entertain viewers for 90 minutes. But fear not because Fantastic Fireworks have rounded... Read More


Celebrate Easter with Fantastic Fireworks

Buy fireworks online at Fantastic Fireworks Celebrate Easter with Fantastic Fireworks Easter is a popular holiday in the United Kingdom with rich history involving fireworks. Fantastic Fireworks are celebrating with an exciting discount.  Easter dates this year Easter celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he was executed. Unlike Christmas, the actual day of Easter is not celebrated on a set date and generally takes place towards the end of March. This year Easter Sunday will be celebrated on the 27th, Good Friday on the 25th and... Read More