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Fantastic Fireworks New Brochure 2017-2018

Fantastic Fireworks New Brochure 2017-2018 Welcome to this year’s Fantastic Fireworks Members Brochure. 2017 is going to be our best year yet, we have even more fireworks for you to choose for your display – including 37 amazing new items. You will find quite a few product changes due to new regulations, which now require all fireworks to contain no more than 1 kg of gunpowder, so some fireworks have been discontinued and others remastered. Prices start at £15.99 and range all the way up to £399.99 for a single... Read More

Lock, Stock 'N' Smokin' firework 19/05/2017

New Products for 2017 – Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’

Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ is another amazing firework that we are bringing in for 2017. This firework is a very impressive in size and effects despite its low number of shots. Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ is made up of 9 large tubes, each of which contains 3 projectiles (shown in the picture below) which fire simultaneously out of each tube in turn. The effects that come out of this firework are pretty big to make up for the low number of shots. These 9 volleys of highly explosive projectiles launch into the sky... Read More

Let's Get Whizzical 12/05/2017

New Products for 2017 – Let’s Get Whizzical

Let’s Get Whizzical is one of many new fireworks that we are bringing in for 2017. This firework is a 21 shot Catagory 2 garden firework that fires projectiles into the air and explode into colourful stars with glitter and crackling palms. Let’s Get Whizzical is a great energetic firework with an abundance of whizz and fizz to keep your fireworks display alive. When this firework eventually hits our shelves this Summer you will be able to buy it for just £39.99 which is a bargain! Look out for this firework being... Read More

How Big are Fantastic Fireworks Rockets?

Our firework rockets are so big they have to be caged! No joke, this year’s range of rockets comes in something called “Pyromesh” which means they have to taken out of a metal mesh (with a pair of safety gloves) and the rocket stick has to be snapped into its place on its hinge. It sounds complicated, but the reality it’s a very simple process which allows us to sell you bigger rockets than ever before! Here are our rocket weights: Metallica – approx 3.5oz Rainbow Warrior Rockets – approx... Read More

How Much Do Fireworks Cost?

This issue of fireworks cost is perhaps the first thing people think about it when they come to buy fireworks for the first time. With that minimum in mind, if you just want some variety, the best value fireworks we offer at Fantastic Fireworks are found in either our single ignition fireworks range, or our fireworks selection packs. With single ignition fireworks, you need light only one fuse and away you go, but with the selection packs you get an assortment of rockets, roman candles and multishot boxes to work... Read More

Fireworks Insurance – when do I need it?

Here we examine the types of displays you can put on using domestic (Category 3) fireworks and what the insurance implications are. Remember, even at the smallest and/or best-organised fireworks events things can go wrong, so please make sure you are adequately covered for any eventuality. Firework Display at home: You’re having a few friends round for a birthday celebration, or even a marriage proposal in the garden (!), do you need insurance for any fireworks you let off? Your household insurance should cover this, or with a quick phone call can be adjusted... Read More

Remote Controlled Firing Systems for Fireworks

As well as buying your fireworks online with Fantastic Fireworks, you can now also buy a wireless firing system for your fireworks display. Our remote firing system costs £32 including delivery and can fire up to 15 fireworks from a distance of up to 25 metres. These devices have been brought in by Fantastic Fireworks as part of our commitment to your safety. What safer way to let off a firework  is there than wirelessly from 25m away?

Fireworks Display Essentials #2 – 19 Shot Fireworks

Fireworks display planning usually revolves around when to fire your rockets and when to launch the big multishot fireworks. This is a fairly sound plan, but the best organisers think about ‘framing’ the display. By this, we mean what goes on on the flanks. For this, look no further than 19 shot fireworks. 19 shot fireworks are cakes which are small and hexagonal in shape. The biggest and best multishot fireworks can be made to look even better if there are complementing effects going on alongside them. Now, if you had... Read More

Single Ignition Fireworks – A Definition

  Single ignition fireworks are fireworks that any member of the public over 18 can buy. They are fireworks displays in one box designed to require only one fuse. Also known as a ‘firework display in a box’ or an ‘SIB’ (Single Ignition Barrage) these single fuse fireworks are fast becoming the most commonly sold retail firework in the UK. Why are single ignition fireworks so popular? Simply because of the lack of hassle. The person lighting the show can also watch the firework display. One of those from the Fantastic Fireworks range, the Blast... Read More