Our 2021 Fireworks are here!

We have received our first of many deliveries for this years 2021 fireworks. We are delighted to offer you not only an all new range to explore but also bring you security in these uncertain times. We have secured our NEW 2021 merchandise and are confident with our suppliers throughout the duration.

We are bringing to you a range of NEW fireworks with variety to suit all. Here we will show examples of the new products:

Quantum Power 36 shot firework by Celtic

Quantum Power fires 36 shots of stunning red, blue and green stars into the sky. Giving you 36 beautiful shots lasting approximately 45 seconds.

X Treme 165 shot firework by Celtic

X Treme is a 165 shot compound cake. Fans of gold start this 2 minute cake before bright coloured dahlias, strobes and crackling combine. This is an amazing two minute cake and such great value!

Final Curtain Firework by Celtic

Final Curtain is one of several new compound fireworks Celtic have brought in this year. Final Curtain comprises of 4 x 25 shot barrages, two are straight firing, two are fanned, producing some incredibly bright colours, whistles and a ferocious crackle. All set off with one fuse this firework is perfect for an amateur looking to provide a more than sub par display, without the hassle of setting up multiple fireworks, what more can you want!

King of Colour 102 shot firework by Celtic

102 shot compound cake. A 2 minute cake full of bright colours and effects. A real sky filler as the bright colours explode in differing patterns across the sky. This firework is also low noise.

Smash That a 157 shot firework by Celtic

Smash That is a compound cake. 157 shots and four straight firing cakes. A real display in a box lasting 90 seconds. Mines to coloured bursts, strobes, whistling, tourbillions, and finishing with a bursts of crackle stars and mines. This is the perfect purchase for your own home display.

Ragnarok 120 shot firework

Ragnarok is a 120 shot compound firework which is big and bold with high quality effects. Just like Norse mythology states this firework will provide a spectacular display like the final battle and events that end the Asgardian world. Big coloured bursts with fizzing tails, huge palm breaks, explosions of go-getter stars, volleys of sublime starbursts and a gold brocade finale all provide the ultimate battle and Armageddon in the sky!

Multiple customers who have purchased the immense Ragnarok have also raved about the esteemed Stratosphere.

Blitzkreig by Celtic Fireworks

Blitzkreig is a 150 shot fan cake. Z firing in lifts of 10 with 30 shots of each effect. Each effect with flashing comet tails into bursts. Great duration on this cake and for the size and price an absolute bargain.

These are not the only selection of fireworks we are bringing to you this season! Keep an eye out for more new products to come and ensure you don’t miss out on this great selection. *please note some of these fireworks may still be awaiting delivery for any queries on stock please call our team.

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