NEW 2021 Fireworks

We have been working hard selecting the new fireworks for our 2021 range. Whilst our most popular fireworks are still available – We wanted to add something new to celebrate the world returning back to somewhat normality.

Take a look at our brand new range below and keep an eye out for the release date. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter so you wont miss it!

The majority of these brand new fireworks for 2021 have been bought in from Germany under the WATT, Celtic and Volt brands.

Blue Titanium as you can tell from the name of this is silver tails fired  into the air for 30 seconds, and each shot bursts into huge clusters of blue stars which then transform into big silver star waves. This is truly a stunning effect!

Cobra’s Fang has plenty of bite and surprise which come from its 48 shots, and is a perfect mini-display in a box with its different effects. First you get colourful glittering bursts with go-getter stars, then onto silver palms with blue stars with crackles, finishing with red and green bursts with more palms and crackles.

Deep Pulse is another new firework under the WATT brand and has 30 shots of mine lifts which burst into palms, starbursts, glitter and colour. This firework is perfect if your looking to add a bit of impact to your display.

Midnight Maniac is a fantastic multi-shot firework that fires golden tails left, centre and right which explode into golden palms with green and silver glittering stars. This is a great addition to any display and fills the sky very nicely!

Noisekick is another of the new VOLT brand which contains plenty of impact with amazing effects. It fires volleys of shots which burst into big, vibrant green starbursts with red and yellow stars, followed by red and green and falling leaves.

Vortrex is a multi-shot firework which fires 20 shots into the air over 30 seconds, producing huge twinkling starbursts with palm waves and red, green and yellow stars.

Zorro is a swashbuckling, fanned, multi-shot firework which sweeps through the sky and produces stunning effect including colourful starbursts with glitter and golden palms. This one will definitely leave its mark on you, leaving you wanting more!

Imaginator has 19 massive shots of golden willow bursts and glittering red and gold stars. This firework is great if you are looking for big bursts and spectacular effects!

Pulp Fiction is an amazing 56 shot firework with a professional twist to it. The effects are so good it is used in professional displays, but now is available to the retail market for you all to see. Effects include spinning tails, twinkling starbursts, multi-coloured palms and glitter, all thrown in together for a high impact extravaganza.

We advise you order with plenty of time, fireworks may be harder to get hold of this year, due to complications with suppliers. So whilst stocks last, don’t miss out on our fantastic brand new 2021 range.

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