2021 firework shortage? You are safe with us!

You may have seen headlines such as “Nationwide firework shortage”, “Firework prices soar” or “No fireworks after Bonfire night”. This is due to supply issues relating to the pandemic and due to China (being the main manufacturer of fireworks) having to close its main factory, reducing production. The consequence of this is that the price of firework shipping has surged almost quadrupling in price! This has created a huge stress on suppliers and buyers, resulting in a lack of supply and increase in price.

So – how does this affect us?

We have been working hard to ensure our 2021 supply is not impacted and we have secured an all new range of fireworks providing not only a great choice of all NEW 2021 fireworks but we have also managed to secure our supply and keep costings to a minimal. We hope that this security gives our customers confidence in us. We recommend you order slightly earlier in advanced than usual but we do not predict any shortage of fireworks from our end at this time.

NEW Enchantment Pack

We are also able to confidently offer weddings, shows and event displays under our Covid cancellation policy to ensure peace of mind – this can be discussed directly with our team by heading to the Fantastic Fireworks events website.

As professional firework display organisers we stage professional fireworks displays for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Whatever you are celebrating, wherever you are celebrating, we’re here to help. As double winners of the British Fireworks Championship we’re licensed to thrill! There is almost no situation we haven’t already experienced. Whether it’s a star-studded party in the Maldives, a Bonfire Night show on the village green or celebrating a loved one’s life by sending their ashes up in fireworks, we’re all fired up to do it.

Quiet fireworks

We can even put on a show at 24 hours’ notice! And if noise is a problem our quiet fireworks  are guaranteed to keep the peace!

Every one of our firework displays is a work of art, like the one pictured above. We have spent the last 30 years honing our skills, polishing our creative flair and painting the sky with art in action.

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