SSHHH! – Low Noise Fireworks

We are aware of the concerns raised regarding the noise of fireworks – especially for those of you who are pet owners, parents of young children and who have elderly relatives. Due to such concern, we now offer a wide variety of low noise fireworks for sale online and in store! Firstly, these multishots offer you the opportunity to still celebrate Bonfire Night with a home firework display just with a much lower noise level. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that none of these single ignition fireworks lack in effects or colour and still give you that professional feel.

Fantastic Quiet Fireworks

To witness each firework in action please click on the image. This will take you to our Fireworks YouTube Channel whereby we have lots of fun and exciting content for you to watch!

Oriental Star

Image of the oriental star low noise multishot firework.
Oriental Star – Low Noise Multishot Firework

Although this is one of our smallest fireworks for sale, do not be fooled! This small but spectacular firework firers 96 powerful shots illuminating the sky in deep green and red colours. It also includes subtle crackling effects giving it that extra wow-factor.


Image of the low noise firework Uran.
Uran – Quiet Multishot Firework

This low noise firework offers something very unique. Producing silver glitter mines with red and green go getter stars which dash across the sky in random directions. This multishot firework is recommended for small back gardens or, if used in multiples, can be used for good effect in a bigger display.

Spin on This

Picture of the low noise Catherine Wheel Spin on This.
Spin on This – Low Noise Catherine Wheel

Lasting 45 seconds, this 13-inch Catherine Wheel creates gold and silver sparks at high speed! It has often been described as mesmerising offering a charming, star studded effect.

Glacier Rising

Image of Glacier Rising - a low noise conical fountain.
Glacier Rising – Conical Low Noise Fountains

Producing a tall and impressive shower of silver stars, reaching heights of 5 metres, really is great value for money! This cone shaped single ignition will definitely stand out as a low-level, low-noise pyrotechnic.

Chinese Whisper

Image of one of our best selling low noise fireworks - Chinese Whisper
Best Seller Chinese Whispers – Low Noise Multishot

As one of our best-selling quiet fireworks, Chinese Whispers is not one to miss off your list. Consisting of a red crackling fountain, ariel shots of colourful flying fish, falling leaves and silver commit tails, it truly is spectacular yet still with minimal noise. Additionally, it is known to be great value for money!

Cloud Nine

Fan Favourite Cloud Nine – Low Noise Multishot

This is another low noise fan favourite which fires 25 shots of stunning golden horsetails for 30 seconds. If your looking to put on a quiet display, then this would be a perfect addition.

Silver Blinking Fish

The Spectacular Silver Blinking Fish – Low Noise Multishot

Likewise, to Uran, this quiet multishot firework offers slightly different effects to most. It fires comets into the air which then evolve into a wriggling, flying fish which dart through the sky in random directions.

Tropicana Roman Candles

Available in both pink and blue, these roman candles are a great and exciting way to reveal a baby’s gender! If you want to stand out from the crowd then this is the perfect way to do so. You can be sure that guests will remember this reveal! Furthermore, they make a great colourful addition to any home fireworks display.


Pulsar Candles

Some low noise roman candles - Pulsar Candles
Pulsar – Low Noise Roman Candles

These low noise roman candles create streams and pulses of golden tails with coloured tips that shoot into the sky. A good tip with these is the fire them in multiples to enhance their incredible effect.


Image of a new low noise multishot - Malachit
Malachit – Low Noise Multishot

This is one of our new quiet multishots, consisting of multicoloured falling leaf effects which fall elegantly out of the sky with each shot it fires giving a nice, serene effect.


Image of our low noise multishot - Galileo
Galileo – Low Noise Multishot

Firing 36 shots of huge spinning turbillions with green and red stars, the Galileo really is a special firework. Although the effect is low noise, it is still spectacular to watch and perfect for quiet displays.

Flying Colours

Flying Colours - a low noise multishot
Flying Colours – Low Noise Multishot

This is another new item recently added to our quieter fireworks range. It consists of 62 shots of swimming fish, fanned falling leaves and glitter in various colours whilst finishing with a volley of crackling palm bursts.

Champagne Rain

Picture of our biggest low noise multishot - Champagne Rain
Champagne Rain – Our Largest Low Noise Multishot

This is the ultimate low noise, spectacular multishot firework. Its 61 shots of red mine lifts, blue stars and golden crackling comet tails which move backwards and forwards and hang in the sky are truly beautiful to watch!

So, get purchasing your quiet fireworks now and have a noise free firework night. All are pet, child and elderly friendly so you can enjoy a stress-free evening.

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