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It’s that time of year again – the day of wellies, fairground rides, burgers and sparklers is just around the corner! If you haven’t guessed what I’m talking about yet, its BONFIRE NIGHT! To honour this historic Guy Fawkes event lets take a look back at some of the best firework displays in the world.

New Year’s Eve, Sydney, Australia

Some people would say that Sydney Harbour is one of the best places on the planet to ring in the new year. Every year over 1.5 million people attend this extraordinary display, with many arriving early in the morning to get the best spot! Celebrations start at 6pm with music and fly pasts, followed by the lighting up of the harbour’s ships. To finish off the celebrations, as it reaches midnight a spectacular firework extravaganza takes place. It truly is magical

Image of the fireworks display on New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia
New Years Eve, Sydney, Australia.

Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Canada

Held in July, the month long L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec is the largest fireworks competition in the world. In a bid to win the coveted Gold Jupiter Trophy, pyrotechnic companies from all over fire their best rockets, cakes, and candles which are all choreographed to music. It attracts around 3 million spectators each year.

Image of the Monteal International Fireworks Competition over a body of water.
Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Canada.

Independence Day, New York, USA

With the 4th of July being a big deal in New York, each year the skyline is illuminated by patriotic and dazzling fireworks. Red, white, and blue explosions erupt above the Statue of Liberty and Coney Island. People often enjoy the display whilst sipping on their favourite drink at one of the city’s many rooftop bars – true New York style!

Independence Day blue, white and red fireworks behind the Stature of Liberty.
Independence Day Fireworks Display, New York, USA.

New Year’s Eve Dubai, UAE

Dubai really do go all out for their New Years Even celebrations and its about so much more than the fireworks. Thousands gather to watch in absolute awe beneath a canopy of lights as the Burj Khalifa takes centre stage. Watching those pyrotechnic wonders erupt all over the city is of course incredibly impressive but matched with LED lights and laser beam displays you’ve got yourself one hell of a spectacular show!

New Years Eve fireworks display in Dubai behind the Burj Khalifa.
New Years Eve Fireworks Display, Dubai, UAE.

Celebration of Light, Vancouver, Canada

Attracting 1.4 million firework fanatics to the waterfront each year, Vancouver’s Celebration of Light is one of the cities biggest events. The celebration consists of three 25-minute displays over 3 separate days in July. Paired with music and ferocious bangs this really is a breath-taking event.

The Celebration of Light fireworks display in Vancouver, Canada.
Celebration of Light Fireworks Display, Vancouver, Canada.

Diwali, India

This Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’ features a vast amount of lamps, candles and fireworks with the larger scale celebrations also having sparklers, firecrackers and lots of food!

Fireworks display celebrating Diwali in India.
Diwali Fireworks Display, India.

The Olympics, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Historically, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics feature abundant fireworks. The 31st Summer Olympic games took place in Rio De Janeiro at the Maracanã Stadium in 2016. The opening celebration kicked off on 5th August and involved an unforgettable fireworks display.

Part of the fireworks display in the opening ceremony of Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Opening Ceremony Fireworks at Rio Olympics 2016, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Katakai Fireworks Festival, Niigata, Japan

This is the oldest of the festivals we have spoken about today, running for over 400 years!

Fireworks display are the Katakai Fireworks Festival in Niigata, Japan
Katakai Fireworks Festival, Niigata, Japan.

It did hold the Guinness World Record for launching the worlds biggest, and maybe the most expensive, firework – the Yonshakudama. This is a gargantuan rocket that was 1.2 metres wide and had a diameter of nearly 800 meters. It shot an impressive 2,700 feet into the air!

Image of the largest firework to ever be let off in the world. Holds the Guinness World Record.
The Yonshakudama – Once a Guinness World Record Firework Shell.

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