Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt – Firework Safety

Rule of 6 Firework Celebrations

From social distancing to the newly enforced rule of 6 large gatherings have temporarily been banned. This may have a detrimental effect on your plans for any sizable firework celebrations for occasions such as bonfire night or Halloween. However, it certainly does not put a stop to them all together! Whether you enjoy the annual celebration with just 6 of you or join forces with your neighbours to create an unforgettable display right from your back gardens, your fireworks display can still be out of this world.

We here at fantastic fireworks have a wide range of fireworks for sale that will set your celebrations off with a bang! Our product range includes multishot fireworks, single ignitions, low noise fireworks, loud fireworks, sparklers, rockets, wheels and fountains. As well as a variety of safety equipment perfect for hosting your very own display.

Dynamo Rockets, Blast in a Box, Hell Raiser, Chinese Whispers, Boom Boom Shake the Room, Helter Skelter, Silly Cow Rockets and Giant Sparklers.
Fireworks For Sale at Fantastic Fireworks

We even have some inside gossip from another firework retailer. Head over to Fireworks Direct and enjoy their ‘rule of 6 party’ packages. Each package is filled with all you will need to put on an immense display from your own home. And with big money savings on each package being available for a limited time only you really don’t want to miss out!

Fireworks Safety

Although COVID restrictions are of the upmost importance and must be followed when hosting a fireworks display, we must also remember to follow the firework safety guidelines too.

Preparation is the key to enjoying fireworks safely. Especially with the current situation, you really do need to make sure you have the correct measures in place. Below I have displayed Fantastic Fireworks safety leaflet for you to follow when hosting your COVID friendly firework celebrations. This is accompanied by an outline of the current COVID-19 rules surrounding the ‘rule of 6’.

Outline of the covid regulations
COVID 19 regulations outlined

FACT: you may need to protect your fireworks from the rain. To know how to do so please take a look at our waterproofing guide.

Keep it Alive!

Lets keep firework celebrations alive and follow the guidelines drawn out above. It may not be the norm but we can still make it fun.

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