June 2020


4th July

4th July Background In 1976, on 4th July, 13 American colonies announced their separation from the powers of Great Britain. This was achieved by adopting the declaration of Independence which asserts that ‘all men are created equal’. Now we know why the national holiday is referred to as Independence Day! Traditionally people celebrate this national holiday with hot dogs, beer, barbeque’s and most importantly impressive firework displays that fill the night sky. FUN FACT: It is estimated that approximately 155 million hot dogs are consumed across the states on this... Read More


Glossary – Firework Jargon

When looking for fireworks for sale online you may come across a number of different phrases that you have never seen before and therefore confuse you. Well, we want to make your buying process as easy as possible so I have put together a small glossary full of any keywords and phrases commonly used within the fireworks industry. There are even some cool facts included too! Barrages  When individual fireworks tubes are packed together, having their fuses linked, they are called barrages. These only have to be lit once as... Read More


Fantastic Fireworks Top Picks

With lockdown being relaxed week by week, before we know it celebrations will be back in full swing. Therefore I have put together a small firework directory full of some our our top picks ready for any impending celebrations or festivities. Although venues are still closed and large gatherings are not yet permitted, all of the following fireworks are garden friendly, meaning you can let them off right from your home! However, you must remember that there is a minimum safety distance required for each firework, so do not forget... Read More