Get Your Eid On.

Eid Mubarak.
Eid Mubarak

All About Eid

This weekend sees Muslims all over the world celebrating as Ramadam draws to a close and the Eid al-Fitr begins. Not everyone will know exactly what Eid is and how it is celebrated, so here is some background on the religious holiday and information on how it is most commonly celebrated!

The gathering of Muslims outside a Mosque starting off the Eid celebrations.
Eid Celebrations.

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are the 2 major Eids in the Islamic calendar, with one being celebrated early in the year and the other later. It is said that they recognise, celebrate and recall two distinct events that are significant to the story of Islam. It is considered a spiritual celebration of Allah’s provision of strength and endurance. Furthermore, Eid is a time for distributing one’s wealth whilst being a time of joy and blessing for the entire Muslim community.

Eid al-Fitr means the feast of breaking the fast. In this instance, the fast is Ramadam. Ramadam involves Muslims fasting between dawn and sunset. It allows them to devote themselves to their faith and is thought to teach self-discipline, reminding them of the suffering of the poor.

In summary, Eid literally means a ‘festival’ or ‘feast’ in Arabic and is normally celebrated across 3 days.

Eid Celebrations

Many of you may be wondering how Eid is celebrated. Well across the 3 days, traditional festivities include special morning prayers, formal embraces, the preparations of sweet dishes and the exchanging of gifts to children and those in need. Additionally, something that is widely encouraged during this holiday is to forgive and to seek forgiveness. Finally, homes are often decorated with lanterns, twinkling lights, or flowers.

A traditional Eid Feast.
Traditional Eid Feast.

Although celebrations generally begin with prayers and the main event being a big meal, there are lots of other ways people celebrate too. In fact, firework displays are quite often invovled in festivities!

Every year fireworks for sale online and in store fly off the shelves during Eid celebrations. From rockets to multishot fireworks, all are perfect for any Eid festivities. Those who are worried about noise and want something more subtle then keep an eye out for low noise/quiet fireworks. These offer the same effects and wow factor with almost no noise at all. Or maybe you want to be heard. If this is the case then loud fireworks are the ones for you, letting off immense explosions that fill the sky. Moreover, sparklers are often a favourite amongst young children. Firework displays really add to that special something to this holiday.

Young children celebrating with sparklers.

To see some of our fireworks in action, please head over to our Youtube channel. It will show you how immense fireworks can really be and how it can be that special ending to your celebrations.

Food for the Feast

Food varies depending on the country.


As a present, classic Turkish sweets such as Baklava and Turkish delight are given to family, friends and neighbours.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia

A very important part of this holiday is the eating of dates. In both countries’ dates are considered to be their natural cookie and are a popular snack eaten at the pre-dawn meal before the fast.

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