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We are lucky to have such a wide variety of firework shops across the UK. Big or small they all offer a vast range of fireworks for sale either online and in-store or both. So, to help decide which best suits you we have put together a firework directory. Whether you are looking for your nearest local fireworks store, if you have a specific budget or even on the hunt for a specific brand, find it all in this directory. 15 of the best firework stores in the UK are listed below.
So, to kick things off we will begin with our award winning store Buy Fantastic Fireworks.

Buy Fantastic Fireworks.

Buy Fantastic Fireworks Logo.
Buy Fantastic Fireworks.

As the leading name to buy fireworks from online and with an excellent 5 star rating on TrustPilot, Fantastic Fireworks is the one to beat. Firstly, we offer a great range of fireworks including single ignitions, big rockets, wheels & fountains, candles and multishots. All can be delivered right to your door. Furthermore, our prices are the keenest you’ll find anywhere. However, if you happen to find the same firework at a cheaper price we offer a guaranteed price match!

Secondly, those looking for a firework store to visit, we have 3 separate retailers across the country! Our headquarters store is located in Pepperstock, Luton, whilst the remaining 2 outlets sit in Oxford and Manchester. Find our nearest Fantastic Fireworks store today and get every firework you need for any celebration!

And, it doesn’t just stop there as we also have over 35 years experience in providing amazing professional displays for any occasion.

Big Star Fireworks

Big Star Fireworks.
Big Star Fireworks.

Their showroom is located in Wolverhampton and is one of the largest importers of fireworks in the West Midlands. Selling a range of fireworks online and in store.

Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks.
Black Cat Fireworks.

This company operates online only yet still offers a great range of fireworks including, multishots, sparklers and single ignitions. Its head offices are located in Huddersfield.

Chinese Fireworks

Chinese Fireworks Logo
Chinese Fireworks.

With many years of experience Chinese Fireworks are a one stop online shop for all your firework needs. In other words, there are fireworks available for all occasions but only online.

Dynamic Fireworks

Dynamic Fireworks Logo.
Dynamic Fireworks.

Fireworks for sale online and in store, as well as professional displays, are all available at Dynamic Fireworks. You can find their headquarters store in Colchester, Essex meanwhile their other showroom is located in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Epic Fireworks

Epic Fireworks Logo.
Epic Fireworks.

Their immensely large show room is located in South Yorkshire and is home to a big range of fireworks, for instance roman candles, single ignitions, big rockets, sparklers, Catherine wheels and fountains. Furthermore, all are available to order online and can be delivered all across the country.

Fireworks Boutique

Fireworks Boutique Logo.
Fireworks Boutique.

Here fireworks are available online and in store with 2 retail stores located in Luton and Kettering. Fireworks Boutique have been selling quality fireworks for many years and have built up quite the reputation.

Firework Crazy

Fireworks Crazy Logo.
Fireworks Crazy.

Fireworks Crazy is another multi service store. Whilst offering a great range of fireworks for sale online and in store, they also provide a professional display service. Professional displays can be created and held for various celebrations, for example, weddings, birthdays and festivals. Their impressive show room is located in the centre of Chelmsford, Essex.

Fireworks Direct

Fireworks Direct Logo
Fireworks Direct.

With a price match promise, Fireworks Direct specialises in the sale of fireworks from a number of well known brands. These include, Fantastic Fireworks, Bright Star Fireworks, the Elite Collection Total FX Fireworks, Men Shun fireworks, Bright Star Connoisseur and Brothers Pyrotechnics. Fireworks for sale include rockets, multishots, single ignitions and on fuse firework displays ‘in a box’. Finally, all can be ordered online and delivered across the UK, with FREE DELIVERY on orders over £195.

Firework Kingdom

Fireworks Kingdom Logo
Fireworks Kingdom.

Established in 2007, Firework Kingdom offer fireworks for sale soley online.
Having had a great relationship with Brothers Pyrotechnics and selling this firework brand for many years they are now beginning to create their very own branded fireworks. Currently the fireworks for sale include rockets, display kits, sparklers and selection boxes.

Fireworks Shop

Fireworks Shop Logo
Fireworks Shop.

This store is located in Lancashire on Station Road. They supply a wide range of fireworks from barrages, rockets, selection boxes, fountains, Catherine Wheels and more, all available to buy online and in store.

Fireworks 4 You

Fireworks 4 You Logo.
Fireworks 4 You.

This store sell a wide range of fireworks for every occasion with a shop located in Lon Sutton, Spalding. Also known as a showroom this is where you can see and purchase the latest fireworks on offer. In addition, they have several collection points available if you were to click and collect.

Galactic Fireworks

Galactic Fireworks Logo
Galactic Fireworks.

Here there are a selection of consumer and wholesale fireworks for sale online. Galactic’s expansive range of fireworks can also be found in one of their 4 retail shops. These are located in Sheffield, Ripley, Retford and Pontefract. The products available come from leading manufacturers Brothers, Bright Star and Celtic and therefore the reassurance of great quality is guaranteed. It doesn’t just stop there as they also offer professional displays, assisting with everything from weddings to bespoke celebrations.

Jordan Fireworks

Jordans Fireworks Logo.
Jordans Fireworks.

A wide range of fireworks including rockets, ground mines, roman candles, barrages, single ignitions, set pieces, fountains and port fires, are available for sale at Jordan Fireworks. Their in-store showroom is located in Leamington Spa.

Sandling Fireworks

Sandling Fireworks Logo.
Sandling Fireworks.

Although Sandling Fireworks have no retail store they are successfully in their fireworks for sale online and professional displays. Delivery is available across the UK.

In conclusion, if your’ looking for fireworks for sale you have a lot to choose from, choose wisely!

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