Your Guide To The Best Goodbye Party to Coronavirus

Say Goodbye to COVID-19

I don’t know about you, but I think we need to celebrate when all of this is over. Celebrate in style. And what better way to do so than with a fireworks party. Fireworks bring happiness and light to any celebration. Even to those from afar, who can see the explosions fill the sky. You know when you see a firework it puts a smile on your face right? So here is your guide to the perfect goodbye party to COVID-19.

Party Balloons


I know by the time self-isolation is over you will just want to get out of the house. But you will also be missing those closest to you who you have had to keep away from for the past few months. And what better place to all get back together again than in the comfort of your own home. So, why not invite your nearest and dearest round for a good old fashioned British garden party. By then the sun will be shining (we hope) and you can fill your garden with love, sangria and a whole lot of happiness. Finally close that 2m gap and breathe in that fresh air.

Kids watching small firework in the garden
Children watching small firework.

How about a street party?  Fill the streets with tables and chairs and catch up with your friends and neighbours. Dish up all that food cooked during isolation and prepare for that epic evening entertainment.

Street Party
English Street Party.

If you missed out on a big event whilst in quarantine, such as a birthday, anniversary or even the arrival of a new family member, then go even bigger and hire an external venue. Whether that’s a pub or hall, make sure it has plenty of garden space for an immense fireworks display.



It isn’t a party without music. Music is known to set the mood at such occasions and can add that extra special moment to a fireworks display. Matching a melody to the explosions really does create memorable moments and quite often a sense of serenity. It can be as easy as creating a playlist on Spotify and playing it off some home speakers. Or if your thinking of splashing the cash a little more you can even hire a DJ or live band. Whatever you do, do not have this party without music!

Musical Notes


Once all that is said and done you can end the night with something really spectacular…a fireworks display! Fill the nights sky with some colourful star bursts and crackling comets. Make a statement with loud bangs. Say goodbye to Coronavirus in style. Here are some fireworks we recommend for your celebration fireworks display, right from your back garden.



The intimidator

Multishot & Single Ignition Fireworks


The Trumpster

Redshift Rider


Goldilocks Zone

Temple of Stars

Pulsar Candles

Amazing Night


Treason and Plot

War Hawk


Helter Skelter

All Guns Blazing

Quiet Fireworks

Chinese Whispers

Cloud Nine

Flying Colours

Loud Fireworks

Rio Grande


These are just a few of the many fireworks for sale at Buy Fantastic Fireworks. If you want some inspiration on what fireworks work best together then check out our demo display from last year. We are also going to be offering some exclusive celebration packages and deals very soon. Stay Safe – Together we will beat the bug!

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Fantastic Fireworks Logo

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