Wedding Fireworks

A Royal Touch – Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Fireworks

Duke and Duchess of Sussex watching their stunning fireworks display unfold at their wedding in 2018.
Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Firework Display.

Wedding fireworks fit for a royal.
Just look at this magical moment captured at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018. They ended their special day with these stunning bursts of joy and it really was a perfect end to a perfect day.
Want your very own royal wedding? Of course, you do. Everyone deserves to be treated like a princess on their wedding day!

Every bride dreams of fireworks at her wedding. We make that dream come true.

Fireworks for your Special Day


That is the first thought in everyone’s mind when they consider having fireworks at their wedding. You’re not wrong to think they are a luxury but who said luxury is always expensive?

Instead of having a professional display you can simply purchase some category 2 and category 3 fireworks online or from your local fireworks store and create your very own dream fireworks display.
Here at Buy Fantastic Fireworks we offer a wide variety of fireworks perfect for your special day, packed with special effects and all ranging in price. So, whatever your budget we have something that best suits you.

Here are some of many that would be perfect for your special day:

Lower Budget
Firework Galaxia.



Firework - Amazing Night

Amazing Night


Firework - Goldilocks Zone.

Goldilocks Zone


Medium Budget
Firework - Pulsar Candles.

Pulsar Candles


Firework - Magic Moments.

Magic Moments


Large Budget
Firework - Champagne Rain.

Champagne Rain


Firework - Ragnarok.



And guess what! We offer the best delivery deal of any fireworks retailer – FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £275 (conditions apply). Even better, if you find the same firework at a cheaper price, we offer a guaranteed price match!

Wedding Packages

Additionally, for those of you who are unfamiliar with fireworks or unsure what you want, we have made it easy for you. Some of our professional firers put together bespoke wedding firework packages, perfect for a memorable wedding day display. So your dream fireworks display is ready and waiting in just a click of a button!

There are 3 different packs, all ranging in price and therefore suiting all budgets.

Pack 1

Wedding Firework Package 1.
Now and Forever Wedding Pack.

The cheapest pack of them all consisting of 5 stunning fireworks that will give you a spectacular display for your special day

Pack 2

Wedding Firework Package 2.
Perfect Match Wedding Pack.

Slightly higher in price these 6 fireworks will give you an excellent range of effects providing a stunning ending for your big day.

Pack 3

Wedding Firework Package 3.
True Love Wedding Pack.

With a whopping 7 fireworks in the mix this is the most expensive pack. But for those of your who want that extra special ending this pack is the one for you.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what others had to say about the fireworks they purchased from us for their wedding day.

‘’I never thought I’d be able to afford fireworks on my wedding day, but Fantastic Fireworks made it possible’’

‘’This really was the highlight of the evening, my guests loved it and was something I will never forget!’’

Be one of our happy and satisfied customers and purchase your wedding fireworks today!

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