Environmental Impacts of Fireworks – The Truth.

CO2 Emissions – What People Believe to be True.

‘Fireworks are just too noisy and distracting’.  ‘Fireworks cause extensive air pollution’. These are just 2 out of thousands of negative comments thrown our way each year but do people ever consider that it might not be as bad as they think? Over the years the concerns regarding environmental impacts of events have drastically increased. And in some cases, rightly so. However, the concerns regarding fireworks for sale and professional firework displays are continuously highlighted.

Clouds in the sky reading CO2. Representing environmental impacts.
CO2 Emissions.

But are the environmental impacts of fireworks really as bad as everyone thinks? Well we have done the math’s and have some interesting statistics for you that might make you think twice about your thoughts on how bad fireworks are for the environment.

CO2 Emissions – The Truth

Did you know that a typical bonfire night display will emit about the same amount of CO2 as a petrol car travelling just 80 miles? An average firework display will contain around 35kg of gunpowder. When combusted this will produce around 17kg of CO2. To put this in context, most new petrol engines will produce about 190gm of CO2 per mile. Therefore, if you consider that representing a round trip for just 4 cars driving to watch a single firework displays, it’s a fraction of the CO2 footprint of the entire audience. So, when considering this, firework displays do not create as much damage as you think right?

One of our very own sky filling fireworks display at Blenheim Palace.
Fantastic Fireworks Professional Display at Blenheim Palace

While we wholeheartedly support the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we believe it would be unfavourable to scrap firework event. In hindsight, the emissions produced by these bursts of delight are very low, as evidenced above. They also have many other beneficial attributes that we simply must not ignore. For example, they play a huge part in events that raise so much money for charity, have major economical benefits and provide so much entertainment and joy. Take a look at this wedding video. Anyone can see how happy our professional display made them. It really was something they will remember forever.

Noise Pollution

We are aware that CO2 emissions is not the only environmental impact on people’s radar. Noise pollution is another concern amongst a proportion of the general public and we here at fantastic fireworks are making attempts to overcome this. Taking the bang out of bonfire night, we recently introduced a new selection of fireworks, known as quiet fireworks. Still capable of creating a spectacular display but with a much quieter presence. Furthermore, we are increasing our range of low noise fireworks and intend to continue to do so in years to come.

Check out some of our quiet fireworks in action:

Chinese Whispers

Pulsar Candles

Flying Colours

Of course, we respect and encourage the movement towards a more sustainable Britain and the attempts to achieve this, but we do also need to consider that things are sometimes not as bad as they seem as well as the benefits and joy created through such fantastic displays.

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