Coronavirus – Beat The Bug

Self Isolation in Full Swing.

Coronavirus cells. Also known as COVID19

On 31st December 2019 a lot of us would have said that 2020 will be our year. We may have even said that 2020 will be the best year yet. It was supposed to be the year of celebrating VE Day, the Euro’s, Glastonbury and many more. Now here we are, not three months on, marooned in our homes and facing I don’t know what. Well i do know, the dreaded Coronavirus.

Its all quite worrying. But I’m looking on the bright side, making the most of my time working on my laptop from my living room, tidying my bedroom and talking to my mum! We’ve never spent so much time together!

Being at home will give us all a chance to look forward to a time when all this has passed, and we might even plan a few celebration parties – with fireworks of course. In fact, if you have a birthday, an anniversary or just want to let off some steam, then why not let off some fireworks and create moments of happiness right from your back garden. Now is a better time than ever!

FF’s Self Isolation Help

Coronavirus who?

We here at Fantastic Fireworks want to help lift the mood and give you the opportunity to celebrate still. The party doesn’t stop with us as we have a wide range of garden fireworks for sale that can be delivered to your door. Keep your eyes peeled for any exclusive deals and packages to help keep you entertained during such troubled times. These can be found on our website very soon!

Children watching fireworks in the back garden. Perfect for self-isolation during Coronavirus.
Garden Fireworks – Perfect for Self-isolation.

Additionally, check out our Fantastic Fireworks YouTube channel for some exciting firework videos and latest news on our website for weekly blog posts, nothing wrong with a bit of light reading!

It is also important to look to the future and think about the times when this will all be over. Start to think about how you will celebrate when we DO beat the virus. When this time comes we will be ready to celebrate with you, offering a wide variety of multishot, single ignition, quiet and loud fireworks for sale online and in store, perfect for an explosive celebration display to say good riddance to Coronavirus!

Stay Safe – Together we will beat the bug!

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