March 2020


Your Guide To The Best Goodbye Party to Coronavirus

Say Goodbye to COVID-19 I don’t know about you, but I think we need to celebrate when all of this is over. Celebrate in style. And what better way to do so than with a fireworks party. Fireworks bring happiness and light to any celebration. Even to those from afar, who can see the explosions fill the sky. You know when you see a firework it puts a smile on your face right? So here is your guide to the perfect goodbye party to COVID-19. Venue I know by the... Read More


Coronavirus – Beat The Bug

Self Isolation in Full Swing. On 31st December 2019 a lot of us would have said that 2020 will be our year. We may have even said that 2020 will be the best year yet. It was supposed to be the year of celebrating VE Day, the Euro’s, Glastonbury and many more. Now here we are, not three months on, marooned in our homes and facing I don’t know what. Well i do know, the dreaded Coronavirus. Its all quite worrying. But I’m looking on the bright side, making the... Read More


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.

What is St. Patrick’s Day? One of the most beloved national holidays has arrived. It’s time to celebrate what it means to be Irish. Or celebrate what it means to be half Irish. Or even what it means to pretend to be Irish! Let’s face it, Irish or not, we all love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And that’s ok because St Patrick himself wasn’t exactly Irish. In fact, he was the son of a wealthy family from Roman Britain. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide. As it happens, it... Read More


Wedding Fireworks

A Royal Touch – Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Fireworks Wedding fireworks fit for a royal. Just look at this magical moment captured at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018. They ended their special day with these stunning bursts of joy and it really was a perfect end to a perfect day. Want your very own royal wedding? Of course, you do. Everyone deserves to be treated like a princess on their wedding day! Every bride dreams of fireworks at her wedding. We make that dream come true.... Read More


Environmental Impacts of Fireworks – The Truth.

CO2 Emissions – What People Believe to be True. ‘Fireworks are just too noisy and distracting’.  ‘Fireworks cause extensive air pollution’. These are just 2 out of thousands of negative comments thrown our way each year but do people ever consider that it might not be as bad as they think? Over the years the concerns regarding environmental impacts of events have drastically increased. And in some cases, rightly so. However, the concerns regarding fireworks for sale and professional firework displays are continuously highlighted. But are the environmental impacts of... Read More