My First Fireworks Party

A little party never hurt nobody right?
2020 is the year. The year I plan my very own birthday party.
It can’t be just any birthday party; it must be epic, something that will blow people away. So I thought what could be more epic than a fireworks party!

I’ve got a decent sized back garden, with at least 25 metres of space so the fireworks can be set off safely, and a reason to celebrate, my birthday!

Welcome to my fantastic firework party. It’s got a ring to it hasn’t it?

Firework Planning Begins

Where best to start than the trusted Google. Of course, I wanted the best fireworks around, so I simply began by searching ‘the best local fireworks. Surprisingly I found everything I wanted within just one click. With a 5-star review on Trustpilot and the largest range of fireworks in the UK including a mixture of cheap and expensive, Fantastic Fireworks seemed to be offering me all I wanted and more.

Ideally, I was looking for free delivery so that I could spend more on the actual products themselves. Almost instantly I noticed the opportunity of free delivery if I spent over £299. This meant I could cap my budget at just £300. This was perfect.

Now for the fun part, choosing what ones I wanted. With my neighbours being close by I thought it was important to opt for more quiet fireworks to avoid any upset or major disturbance. To make sure this was achieved I used the Fantastic Fireworks bang-o-meter. Providing not only the noise level of each firework, but its colour variance, number of shots and duration, this meant I could choose the right level for me.

Bang-o-meter gives s description of what each firework has in it in terms of noise, colour, number of shots and duration.

As a bit of a firework amateur, this proved to be extremely helpful.

On the whole, I was on the hunt for impressive yet affordable fireworks with a total show time of 5-10 minutes

The Best Fireworks For Me

When scanning the variety of fireworks for sale it was immensely helpful to see the videos available of each product. This meant I could see them in action and then buy the fireworks online. Colour, sparkle, duration and noise could be properly determined, making the decision process seamless.

Some of my favorites included:

The Hijacker

Goldilocks Zone

Space Mission Rockets

Twist and Shout

Chinese Whispers

Cloud Nine

Infinity and Beyond

Boom! Boom! Shake the Room

Hijacker Single Ignition Firework with lots of colour and noise.
Hijacker Single Ignition Firework
Twister Wheel Firework. Produces lots of sparks and colour.
Twister Wheel
Chinese Whisper Multishot Firework with Fountain. One of Fantastic Fireworks quieter fireworks.
Chinese Whisper Multishot Firework with Fountain.

All within budget but, still remarkable and with a noise rating of 8 and below.

Firework Party Ready

Overall, I have to say I am really pleased with my selection and can’t wait to see the results.

Gold Star Rating sums up to the 5 star gold rating on Fantastic Fireworks has on trust pilot.
Gold Star Rating

Gold star rating from me! Bring on the best fireworks party of the year!

PS I will tell you how it all went later in the year!

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