The Rise of Fireworks on Halloween

The History of Halloween

Halloween originates back 2000 years, in the Celtic regions that are now the United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France. Halloweens used to be called the festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in)                                                                                                                                 Halloween Fireworks

The festival was used to mark the end of summer and the harvesting of crops. It would have also marked the beginning of the dark and the winter, a time that was feared as it often spelled death for alot of people. The celtic people believed that on the night before the new year, the world of the living and dead became connected. On the October 31st they celebrated Samhain, when they believed that the dead came back as ghosts to earth.

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Halloween Fireworks

More recently Fireworks have been used to celebrate not only Bonfire Night but other holidays such as Halloween and Easter. We here at Fantastic Fireworks have a range of spooky themed fireworks and with Halloween and bonfire night fast approaching we thought we should show you some of our favorites.


Trick or Treat  –  36 shot  –  By Fantastic Fireworks

what better firework to start with the “Trick or Treat”. This is a great 36 shot catagory 2 finale firework that fires volleys of 6 shots at a time with a great range of effects which include flying fish, glitter palms, coloured starbursts, golden rain with blue stars and crackling stars. Trick or Treat is perfect to use as a finale in a small garden display.

Halloween Fireworks

Fire and Brimstone  –  25 shot  –  By Thunder Mountain

Fire & Brimstone is an unique little firework regarding its colours. With a combination of orange and blue starbursts with crackling effects over the course of its 25 shots. This firework provides something a bit different to most fireworks.


Halloween Fireworks


Zombie  –  30 shot  –  By Vulcan

Zombie is a 30 shot low noise multishot firework.This one is great if you want something a bit different in your display from the usual loud bangs and bursts. It is a very pretty firework which produces red tails to blue stars and silver fish, green tails to blue stars with falling leaves and blue tails to blue stars with white strobes.


Lightning Bugs  –  35 shot  –  By Laughing Tiger

Lightning Bugs is a cracking little firework with 35 shots in fan formation. It starts with crackling comet tails that sweep across the sky from right to left. Followed by flashing bugs which fly out in random directions. Then finishes up with whistling comets and a big crackling finale.


Danger Zone  –  25  –  By Vulcan

Danger Zone is a Category 2 multishot firework, perfect for use for any display, whether it be part of a back garden or professional display. It is a stunning firework which effects including the popular crossette effect in where the stars split into 4 to create a cross effect.


So thats our picks for our Halloween fireworks with abit of an in-site into the history behind Halloween. We currently have 20% off all products! If you wish to view any of the fireworks you can find our store here at:


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