Octobers Favourites Fireworks With Our 20% Off Bonfire Sale

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Hello all! With bonfire night fast approaching, us here at Fantastic Fireworks thought we would create a blog highlighting some of our favourites fireworks for this Octobers sale with 20% off everything!!

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Multi-Shot Fireworks

Flash, Bang, Wallop  –  25 Shot  –  By Forward Fireworks

Flash Bang Wallop does what it says on the label! It is a brilliant little Category 2 fireworks which has white, green, red, gold and blue coloured bursts with flashing stars

Witch Craft  –  49 shot  –  By Thunder Mountain

If its colour you’re after in a firework this one has plenty, Witchcraft is a 49 shot firework with blue, gold, and green to red, purple and silver stars. It also includes some crafty crackles, glitter and palms to mix things up a bit


Small Garden Fireworks

Small garden fireworks are ideal for people who are limited by space or noise. These fireworks have a safety range of only 8 meters. Which will be perfect for people who live in built up areas. With that said these fireworks still have a wow factor and are perfect for all the family.

Fire and Brimstone  –  49 shot  –  by Thunder Mountain

Fire & Brimstone is an unique little firework regarding its colours. With a combination of orange and blue starbursts, with crackling effects over the course of its 25 shots, it provides something a bit different to most fireworks. all under £10 with the Bonfire Sale!

Abracadabra  –  25 shot  –  By Great Wall

Abracadabra is a 25 shot firework with a touch of magic! This one has bursts of green and red, and silver and blue with added glitter to give this firework a sparkly performance. Abracadabra is also a Category 2 firework, so is great for garden displays

abracadabra firework

Starcraft   –   25 shot   –   By Yellow River

Star Craft is an impressive little firework with 25 shots which burst into golden palms with blue, red and green tips with crackling stars. It is great fun to watch as is nice and busy with plenty going on. Once again under £10 with Octobers sale!

Fast and Furious  –  25 shot  –  By Laughing Tiger

Fast & Furious is a small but fast paced category 2 multi-shot firework that has 25 shots consisting of red and green star bursts with crackling fill the sky for about 15 seconds.

The Finale

Chasing Rainbows  –  400 shot  –  By Fantastic Fireworks

Chasing Rainbows is arguably the best Category 3 fireworks for sale in the UK. It is quite simply a stunning piece which will have your audience dropping their jaws in amazement.
Chasing Rainbows is a ‘z-shaped’ fan cake which fires 400 vibrantly colourful shots in around 30 seconds. This effect is also known as a windscreen wiper, or z-shape effect because of the way the fireworks is sprayed almost like a machine gun, left and right into the sky.
It truly is a ‘Fantastic Firework’!

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