October 2018

Halloween, trick or treat 24/10/2018

The Rise of Fireworks on Halloween

The History of Halloween Halloween originates back 2000 years, in the Celtic regions that are now the United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France. Halloweens used to be called the festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in)                                                                                                                 ... Read More

Best Fireworks to buy 11/10/2018

Top Ten Fireworks to Buy Online in the UK

Our Top Ten Fireworks Best Fireworks to Buy ! It can be hard trying to pick which fireworks to buy. With the shear amount of different fireworks on the market and many fireworks having similar names, it can be difficult. So we have decided to make a list of the best fireworks to buy in the UK, to make finding the right firework easier. This list will be comparing fireworks from all brands and all categories of firework. We will be analyzing everything from the best price for its value, how long... Read More

flash bang wallop firework 05/10/2018

Octobers Favourites Fireworks With Our 20% Off Bonfire Sale

Buy fireworks online Hello all! With bonfire night fast approaching, us here at Fantastic Fireworks thought we would create a blog highlighting some of our favourites fireworks for this Octobers sale with 20% off everything!! If you would like to buy fireworks online, you can find our store here:                         Multi-Shot Fireworks Flash, Bang, Wallop  –  25 Shot  –  By Forward Fireworks Flash Bang Wallop does what it says on the label! It is a brilliant little Category 2 fireworks which has... Read More

Bonfire night 04/10/2018

What is Bonfire Night and Where Did It Come From?

How is Bonfire Night celebrated? Bonfire night known by a few names such as Guy Fawkes Night or Fireworks Night. It is celebrated annually throughout the UK on November 5th bonfires are lit and fireworks are set off across the whole of the UK to celebrate Bonfire Night. Some people organise small gatherings in their back garden to fire subtle pyrotechnics while others join thousands in watching some of the biggest professional firework displays across the country. Traditionally an effigy of Guy is usually created using old clothing or straws. Which... Read More

Buying Fireworks Online: Tips for Making Sure You Buy Safe Fireworks

The internet has made every industry flourish and buying fireworks online is no different — but it’s vital you make sure what you’re buying is safe to use The internet has had a major effect on… well, everything! I mean your reading this online right now! Whether it’s your work, looking at picture of cute cats, or just doing some online shopping. Having access to an internet connection gives you an endless amount of options and resources to explore. Take fireworks, for example: a product that is rather specialized in... Read More