After the latest shocking blast from Beast of the East leaving us with a sharp sting in it’s tail, we couldn’t help but think of the big blast fireworks in our range with just as big an impact which will leave you gasping – this time with a smile!

If you are planning your celebration firework display and looking for that special and spectacular finale piece to wow your guests, check out our crowd pleasing fireworks below and don’t forget to enjoy the videos too:

CAT 3 Grand Finale Firework Cakes for Larger Gardens – 25mtr viewing distance

Brocade Blitz –  Gigantic glittering star bursts in a fanned formation to give a dazzling ear piercing finish to your display!

Claymore  –  A rapid firing 100 multishot firework with gold mine lifts, crackling colourful starburst and fish!

Closing Ceremony  –  Does what it says on the box.  10 banks of 10 shots.  The Ultimate finale barrage!

Thunderbolt and Hawkeye Rockets – One of the biggest rockets available for domestic use.  The effects of these rockets are as good as you see in any professional firework display!

Brocade Blitz

Brocade Blitz








CAT 2 Finale Fireworks for Small Gardens – 15mtr viewing distance


Goldilocks Zone  – Fantastic barrage firework with quick pace with golden mine lifts and golden brocades, great finish!

Infinity And Beyond – Short, sharp, noisy and colourful – this 25 shot firework fires 5 volleys of 5 shots for a sky filling finale finishing with gold and titanium crackling

Trick or Treat – A great 36 shot finale small garden firework which has it all, glitter palms, colour starbursts, flying fish, golden rain and crackling stars.

Sonic Boom – Impressive pack of six rockets with outstanding effects.

Infinity and Beyond

Infinity and Beyond


Don’t forget these best finale fireworks for sale can be let off in pairs for an extra big finale or you can mix and match fireworks and rockets from our online range at






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