March 2018



 FIREWORKS HISTORY:  Today, we see fireworks as a sign of magical celebrations, festivities and community events, however that’s not always been the case…..           In the Early Days As far back as 200BC in the towns of ancient China, firecrackers were used for enemy fire against the marauding larger built men of the surrounding mountains.  Records also show in 1046 that the Chinese were the first to use gun powder as a form of weapon by making gun powder catapults by hand. It is widely recognised... Read More



BEST FINALE FIREWORKS   After the latest shocking blast from Beast of the East leaving us with a sharp sting in it’s tail, we couldn’t help but think of the big blast fireworks in our range with just as big an impact which will leave you gasping – this time with a smile! If you are planning your celebration firework display and looking for that special and spectacular finale piece to wow your guests, check out our crowd pleasing fireworks below and don’t forget to enjoy the videos too: CAT... Read More

Colourful Fireworks 15/03/2018


FUNDRAISING WITH FIREWORKS   Scratching your head for an event to raise much needed funds?  Have you thought about putting on your own firework display but find the idea too daunting or over ambitious? Well, have no fear, Fantastic Fireworks are here! Whether you are a Parent Teacher Association, Scout Organisation or a Charity looking to raise money, firework displays not only generate substantial income in ticket sales, but also provide opportunities to make extra income with associated sales such as food stalls and rides, not to mention glow-in-the-dark products... Read More


Celebrate the Royal Wedding with razzle dazzle fireworks!

Saturday 19TH of May is going to herald the much anticipated Royal Wedding in Windsor and promises to be a day of major celebrations. It’s the day that Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle tie the knot. There will be parties throughout the country, and what better way to toast the happy couple than by ending the night with a dazzling wedding fireworks display! If you will be watching the wedding on TV and celebrating indoors we have plenty of indoor and quiet fireworks which are fun, safe for the kids... Read More