New Products for 2017 – Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets

Our Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets are one of our new packs of rockets for 2017 and come in the form of 5 rockets, each of which burst twice, as the name suggests, with their own unique effects. You may expect the Captain Fantastic Double Burst rockets to be quite large as they have two breaks, but these perform very well for their modest size at just over a meter long from the bottom of the stick to the top of the nose cone. The effects in this pack of 5 include Brocade to green with red palms, Brocade to purple with silver sparkles, Gold willow to red with crackling, Gold willow to blue with crackling stars and Gold willow to titanium chrysanthemum with green stars. The effects on these are pretty stunning and will “Wow” your audience who may not be expecting two bursts out of 1 rocket.

These rockets are perfect to use for a bit of impact in your display as they have nice big bursts and are also good to pad your display out with. They will work well with their double bursts over the top of any multishot firework to fill the sky more on a vertical plain as most rockets travel a lot higher than multishot fireworks. Equally these will also work well to end a display with as well. Fire these as a pack all at once, or even multiple packs for a nice big show of strength in a finale.

Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets

Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets

We will be firing these rockets at our Demonstration Evening at Luton Hoo on Saturday 16th September, so if you would like to see these in action don’t miss out on coming along.

Buy the Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets online or in-store from Fantastic Fireworks

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