New Products for 2017 – The Greatest Show On Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth is another new firework coming out for this season, and it is also one of our biggest and most impressive fireworks. This firework is actually classed as a compound firework which means it is made up of two or more fireworks that have been joined and fused together to give a longer display. In the case of The Greatest Show On Earth it is made up of two fireworks that have been joined, and each one has a massive 100 shots bringing the total number of shots for the entire firework to 200. When you light this firework the first 100 shot part will start, and after it has finished the fuse that links the two automatically lights the second 100 shot part to carry the display on.

In terms of effects this firework really has a big “WOW” factor. It has a fast pace with the first half firing 100 shots of red glitter and blue star mines which then break to massive golden brocades with crackling stars in just under a minute. The second half fires the remaining 100 shots which consist of almost all the same effects as the first half, but replaces the crackling stars with red strobing stars. The pace of the second half is slightly quicker as well to heighten the impact and give you a truly awesome finale. It is worth checking out the video below to see just how spectacular it all is.

The Greatest Show On Earth

The Greatest Show On Earth


The Greatest Show on Earth firework will cost £145.99 and will be available to buy from Fantastic Fireworks online and in our shop from late summer/early autumn 2017. We will also be showing off this firework at our demo night at Luton Hoo on the 16th September. Don’t miss it!

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