New Products for 2017 – Blitz In A Box

Blitz In A Box is a firework we have had for the past 3 years, but this year we have remastered it because of the new CE regulations coming into force this year.

Previously under the British Standard regulations (BS 7114) you could have a single firework with a Net Explosive Content over 1 kg. However, under new CE regulations that have been phased in over the past 5 or so years, there is now a limit of 1 kg per individual firework. As Blitz In A Box was originally 1.4 kg NEC we have had to modify this firework into 2 individual fireworks that fall below the 1 kg limit so they comply with the new CE standards.  Therefore we have a new, remastered Blitz In A Box for you this year with new and improved effects as well.

The first half – the 60 shot piece which lasts 85 seconds, this starts off steadily with whistles, tracer comets and crackling comets, but soon picks up pace a bit more with huge bursts of glitter and crackling, followed up by large crackling palms which are very pretty. The finishing touch for this first half of Blitz In A Box is a huge volley of golden brocades followed by an even bigger volley of fanned silver to red tipped bursts which is very spectacular!

Moving straight on to the second firework of the pack – the 70 shot piece which lasts 30 seconds, this gets straight down to the action with large palm bursts with twinkling glitter that sweep across the sky quickly from left to right. This is swiftly followed by fanned comet tails and then a 10 second high impact finale of coloured falling leaves, golden horse tails, spinners and multi-coloured starbursts with crackling. This is a truly stunning end to this pack of 2 fireworks and is worthy of one of our most high impact endings over our firework range!

A good tip when using this pack of 2 fireworks, to give you a nice continuous display from them both, would be to light the second 70 shot firework after 80-85 seconds from when you lit the first 60 shot firework. You might need a stopwatch to time it perfectly, but it could be worth it if you’re looking for a good 2 minute display from both of these pieces. Its always good to get creative with fireworks and there timings if you can.

Blitz In A Box

Blitz In A Box

Blitz In A Box will be available later in the summer. Buy fireworks online and in store from Fantastic Fireworks


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