New Products for 2017 – Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’

Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ is another amazing firework that we are bringing in for 2017. This firework is a very impressive in size and effects despite its low number of shots. Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ is made up of 9 large tubes, each of which contains 3 projectiles (shown in the picture below) which fire simultaneously out of each tube in turn. The effects that come out of this firework are pretty big to make up for the low number of shots. These 9 volleys of highly explosive projectiles launch into the sky one after the other, with a swirling effect in each set, and explode into huge golden starbursts with red and green tips which add that extra special bit of colour.

As well as the visual effects there is also the noise which adds to the impact of this firework. Because the bore size of the main tube is a lot bigger than most it requires a lot more gunpowder to launch the volleys into the air, which means you will hear a bigger bang than usual with each volley fired. This bigger sound comes in the form of a nice meaty thud with each launch, giving this firework a real sense of power!

A great tip for this firework would be to fire them in pairs or multiples to give a bigger and noisier, sky-filling experience.


Lock, Stock 'N' Smokin' firework

Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ artwork                                                                          View of Lock,Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ inside tube layout


Look out for this amazing firework being fired at our demonstration evening which takes place at Luton Hoo on 16th September 2017

You will be able to buy Lock, Stock ‘N’ Smokin’ from Fantastic Fireworks as of July/August 2017. It will be available from our shops based in Luton, Oxford and Manchester and will also be available to buy online from

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