New Products for 2017 – Let’s Get Whizzical

Let’s Get Whizzical is one of many new fireworks that we are bringing in for 2017. This firework is a 21 shot Catagory 2 garden firework that fires projectiles into the air and explode into colourful stars with glitter and crackling palms. Let’s Get Whizzical is a great energetic firework with an abundance of whizz and fizz to keep your fireworks display alive. When this firework eventually hits our shelves this Summer you will be able to buy it for just £39.99 which is a bargain!

Look out for this firework being fired at our demonstration evening which takes place at Luton Hoo on 16th September 2017.

Let's Get Whizzical

This firework is a Catagory 2 firework which means that you can view it at a closer range of 15 meters as opposed to 25 meters for a Catagory 3 firework.

The name of the firework was also submitted by one of our members through the “Name a Firework” competition. Be sure to enter this competition next year by submitting some new names for new fireworks. You could be in with a chance of winning a FREE firework if you enter.

Watch out for more up and coming new products on our blog in the next few weeks, we have a lot more new and exciting fireworks to share with you all for this year!


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