Fireworks to music and what to choose

Fireworks to music and what to choose

Here is a guide from Fantastic Fireworks about choosing the right music and fireworks for displays.

There are literally millions of individual music tracks out there that you can incorporate fireworks with, but some music is better to use than others.

You can put fireworks to quieter and more chilled out tracks and you can put fireworks to up-tempo and lively music. Either way works just as well providing you use the right kind of fireworks.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that with quieter and more relaxing music you would use fireworks that are generally more subtle and graceful, and then put your more upbeat and livelier music to noisier and punchier fireworks. If you put them the other way around the fireworks won’t really fit the music as well.

Weddings are a good example of when fireworks can be put to music. For a grand finale to a big wedding day a Bride and Groom could request fireworks and ask for 2 or 3 tracks to accompany the fireworks. Usually in this case these are love songs or songs that the happy couple like together.  The fireworks show will then be designed around the chosen music using complimentary effects and designing styles.

For example, the display below has been put to Take That’s Rule The World which is a wedding favourite:

Take That – Rule The World Pyro-musical

Other areas where fireworks are used with music are for live concerts and pyro-musicals. At concerts fireworks can be put to the live music but it can be quite difficult to time the fireworks to the music so someone would have to watch the band or conductor to set the fireworks off at the right time with the music. On the other hand, with a lot of live electronic music it can become easier as signals can be sent from musical equipment to trigger fireworks to music.


With pyro-musicals, it is the perfect opportunity to use fireworks with music. Here, the world is pretty much your oyster when choosing the music. Almost any music can be used and a then a design can be put together around the tracks that have been chosen.

For example, the fireworks to music in the link below shows 3 different rock and roll tracks.

Rock & Roll Pyro-musical

The best type of music for fireworks displays to use are tracks with a lot of dynamics and variation in. If a piece of music starts quietly and builds up over the course of the track/song, or has quieter moments followed by more grandiose moments, this can be perfect for fireworks as you can use a lot more variation in terms of fireworks effects to reflect what the music is doing. In a very upbeat and grandiose moment in a piece of music you would probably have very large and noisy effects going on like big peony or wave bursts and mine lifts for example.

Likewise, with quieter moments in the music you would possibly use more subtle effects like falling leaves, horsetails and spinners and nothing very loud that would possibly drown out the quieter music. See example below from the start to 1:16

Quiet Wedding Pyro-musical

If you are looking to create and design your own fireworks display to music the best way is to use a computer software package as you can import any music track and design a firework show around it. Fantastic Fireworks use a package called FINALE Fireworks which is relatively easy to use.

Example of the FINALE software in action

fireworks to music - FINALE Fireworks


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