Fireworks for Romantics

With Valentines Day upon us we thought we would go through some of our fireworks and firework effects that would be perfect for Valentines and any other romantic themed events like Weddings, Anniversaries and Engagement parties.

Fantastic Fireworks have an excellent range of fireworks perfect for any romantic celebration, and the first to look at is our Party In A Box

Party in a box

Party In a Box, as the name suggests is the ultimate party firework and is a good all-rounder as a part of any romantic display. It has 32 shots and lasts 60 seconds and fires out a multitude of effects from large palm bursts with red stars to silver spinners and crackle bursts. This firework would be the perfect start to any romantic display. This firework is effectively the good kiss of the fireworks world!

Another perfect “romantic” firework would be our multi-shot firework Skyfall which is quite a busy 66 shot firework. However it is also very pretty with its pink and green dahlia bursts alternating with silver glitter and red bursts. Firing a couple of these at the same time in a V formation would definitely be the best thing to do for that “Aww” factor.


Twilight Delight is the best firework for those serene but pretty moments where you can enjoy a quieter moment in a display. 49 shots of golden horsetails with multi-colour stars fall in the sky with practically no noise, so you would be able tell your partner how much you love them during this display without the noise of the firework interrupting.

Twilight_Delight (002)

The perfect single ignition display in a box for the ultimate romantic, and to get the heart pumping would be our Shockwave. It is packed full of multi-effects like coloured starbursts, whistles and crackles which dart across the sky in a fanned formation for a full minute, filling the night with pretty lights which will spread the love.


We are not going to leave out rockets as these are perfect to use as well. Our Hawkeye and Thunderbolt rockets are our stunning pair of rockets with amazing effects in each of them. The Hawkeye produces golden wave comets with red strobing comets and a silver glitter pistil and the Thunderbolt produces golden brocade tails with silver strobing stars.

Hawkeye &Thunderbolt

Lastly, to finish off any display with some full-on romancing, a good bit of impact is needed with a bit of a bang too. Our Boom In A Box multishot fanned firework is perfect for this. 50 shots of coloured comet tails, mine lifts, whistles and brocade and glittering bursts will guarantee to get the endorphins flowing. If Party In A Box was a good kiss in fireworks terms, Boom In A Box is pure sex!

Boom In A Box (002)

Come and buy fireworks from Fantastic Fireworks to celebrate any romantic celebration!

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