October 2016

Different types of fireworks for sale at the Fantastic Fireworks shop 31/10/2016

Buying Fireworks Online: Tips for Making Sure You Buy Safe Fireworks

The internet has made every industry flourish and buying fireworks online is no different — but it’s vital you make sure what you’re buying is safe to use The internet has had a significant effect on… well, everything! Whether it’s your work, social life, or just doing some shopping, having access to an internet connection gives you an endless amount of options to explore. Take fireworks, for example: a product that is rather specialised in nature and not something every shop will sell; especially the products featured in some of... Read More

DIY fireworks on bonfire night 28/10/2016

Buying Fireworks for Bonfire Night? Here’s an Essential Checklist

Bonfire Night is the perfect chance to gather family and friends for any evening of firework-fueled fun. On November 5th, there’s always an abundance of events and social gatherings going on. But to make the most out of such a special evening, why not take the ‘do it yourself’ approach? Our checklist will help you put on a night to remember, complete with all the booms, bangs, oohs and ahhs that make a firework display so great. Garden Party Specialties If you don’t fancy venturing too far away from home... Read More