March 2016


Celebrate Easter with Fantastic Fireworks

Buy fireworks online at Fantastic Fireworks Celebrate Easter with Fantastic Fireworks Easter is a popular holiday in the United Kingdom with rich history involving fireworks. Fantastic Fireworks are celebrating with an exciting discount.  Easter dates this year Easter celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he was executed. Unlike Christmas, the actual day of Easter is not celebrated on a set date and generally takes place towards the end of March. This year Easter Sunday will be celebrated on the 27th, Good Friday on the 25th and... Read More


Fantastic Firework announce winner of “Name Our Firework” competition

Buy fireworks online at Fantastic Fireworks We were delighted at the response to our recent ‘Name Our Firework’ competition and are very pleased to announce the winner –   Harvey Trout, with the name ‘Bobby Dazzler’   This name will be adorning the packaging of a new line for this season, a twin pack of Fountains! Harvey’s prize? The top of the range ‘All Guns Blazing’ firework worth £147.99!   Thank you to all that participated – please keep your thinking caps on as due to the high number of... Read More