March 2013

Have you seen the 5 Nov Registration Number Plate?

You may have noticed there is a very fireworks-related car doing the rounds. It spends a lot of its time on the M1 going to and from meetings to discuss all things pyrotechnics. Its registration number plate is “5 Nov”. This car is an Audi (at the time of writing) and is driven by Fantastic Fireworks boss Jon Culverhouse. The 5 Nov vehicle registration stands for “5th November” which is of course the biggest night of the year for the fireworks industry, more commonly known as Bonfire Night. Have you... Read More

How to buy fireworks online – Where do I start?

                                                                         How to buy fireworks online – Where do I start? When you buy fireworks online for the first time it can be daunting. If at any point you would rather just talk it over, give the Fantastic Fireworks team a call on 0800 511 511 . Our staff will help advise you on everything... Read More

5 Things to Avoid with Your Consumer Fireworks

So your  fireworks have arrived on your doorstep; hopefully you’ve moved them into safe storage (this “5 things to avoid” is supposed to cover the less obvious, so if it hadn’t occurred to you to bring them in from the rain, then we may need to go back a stage…) and you’re slightly nervous because soon you will be lighting up your first fireworks display. Here are five don’ts, presented by Fantastic Fireworks, which should help you: #1 – DON’T discard the box the fireworks came in. Most consumer fireworks... Read More