February 2013

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There is no doubt that fireworks photography can result in some wonderful snap shots of fireworks display. For this reason we’ve set up the Fantastic Fireworks Pinterest account so you can all enjoy some of our pyrotechnic creations from the last 28 years. We have pictures of our corporate fireworks displays: Our Firework Signs: Fireworks for Sporting Events: Fireworks for sale from the Fantastic Fireworks Online Shop: Follow Fantastic Fireworks on Pinterest:  

No Dud Fireworks! The Fantastic Fireworks Guarantee!

When you buy fireworks online, there is always a fear that what you buy may end up being faulty fireworks. In which case, what can you do? At Fantastic Fireworks we know that what we sell is of the highest quality pyro, usually imported from suppliers we have used for upwards of 20 years. However, there is always a chance, with hand-made items of any type, that things can go wrong. To allay your fears, Fantastic Fireworks have introduced a ‘no dud’ fireworks guarantee! If a product you have bought... Read More

Where do firework names come from?

At this time every year, the whole firework industry is sampling, researching, pricing up and selecting its range for the forthcoming year – the majority of which will be sold in time for November 5th. If you don’t know what happens on November 5th, this probably isn’t the blog for you, thank you for reading this far, I wish you a safe onward journey!  Part of the fun of selecting the new range is that you get free rein over the names given to the new products. Well, it should... Read More