Fireworks Display Essentials #1 – Loud Fireworks

Loud Fireworks:

When you buy fireworks you need to think about what’s going to entertain your audience. The Fantastic Fireworks range caters for all types of fireworks tastes, but the usual winner is noisy fireworks! As long as there are no animals around and your neighbours are aware that you’re putting on a fireworks display, then you should in theory have carte blanche to send up whatever you want in your fireworks display!

The best way to grab attention and to have people talking after the event is to buy fireworks which are going to make everyone sit up and take notice! The easiest way to do this is through the medium of noise!

One particular favourite from the Fantastic Fireworks buy online range is the Neighbour From Hell firework. The NFH fires 1425 shots in under a minute, each with a devillish screech! They start off quite slowly but by the time it has gathered full momentum it really is a sight and sound to behold!

Neighbour From Hell Firework

Neighbour From Hell 1492 shot firework

The Neighbour From Hell is always a  huge hit every year at many bonfire night fireworks display all around the UK

Another one for loud fireworks fans is the Bangenstein firework, which is either sold in the Noise R Us Original pack, or on its own.

Bangenstein by Fantastic Fireworks

Although there are many other loud fireworks for sale in the Fantastic Fireworks range, the final one we’re going to point you towards is The Scream Reloaded. This, to some extent, is a cheaper alternative to the Neighbour From Hell, firing only 595 shots!! The Scream Reloaded is another ‘pen lid’ cake, so called because the noise comes from little capsules inserted into the top of the cake; these capsules look like pen lids, simply.

The Scream Reloaded by Fantastic Fireworks

Buy fireworks like these and other loud fireworks for your fireworks display on our website:

Example of a loud firework:



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