July 2012

“I want to buy rockets” – things people say in our fireworks shop

People often come into 0ur shops and say “I want to buy some rockets“. To you this may seem like a perfectly normal thing to say when going into a fireworks shop. However, we’ve worked out that the reason people say this is because they don’t actually have any knowledge or experience of buying fireworks. (Editor’s note: this is not a crime! People who ask to buy rockets are still very welcome at the Fantastic Fireworks shop!) There is, of course, nothing wrong you if you buy rockets, but it... Read More

Fantastic Fireworks will help organise your fireworks display!

So, you’ve been asked to organise a fireworks display and you’re not sure what to do next. It’s a scout group, or a PTA, or maybe a company do. Here’s our advice: call Fantastic Fireworks; they’ll sort it all out for you! If you give us your budget and an idea of your firing site, we’ll gladly arrange which fireworks are best suited and in what order (with timings) you need to fire in. This is not just a service reserved for our professional fireworks display customers; we are aware... Read More

The Firework Hammer

We’ve received many calls asking if we stock “Firework Hammers” in recent days. At first I didn’t know what they were talking about, but after some digging on youtube I now know and i am delighted to announce that Fantastic Fireworks will be selling the Fireworks Hammers as of 2012. Just kidding, but watch this anyway:    

Single Ignition Fireworks – Free Delivery in July 2012!

Looking to buy fireworks online? Don’t want to pay delivery charges? Then go to and select from our Single Ignition Fireworks range. These fireworks are all multi-effect, display-in-a-box barrages which will wow your audience for up to three and a half minutes with the lighting of just one fuse! All fireworks in this range come with FREE DELIVERY for the whole of July 2012. Buy fireworks online at