June 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks Contract

The London Olympics Opening Ceremony fireworks display contract. The most lucrative fireworks contract to ever be offered in the UK. How our sister company laughed when I said I was off to pitch for the contract for the fireworks for the Olympic Opening Ceremony. So what if I’m linked to Fantastic Fireworks Ltd? Why can’t we both pitch for it? You never know, I might win. So off I went to see Lord Coe and another guy, dressed in my best Fantastic Firework Retail Dept fleece, armed with my brand new glossy brochure... Read More

Discount Fireworks at the Fantastic Fireworks Online Shop

This month, Fantastic Fireworks decided to whip up a frenzy among fireworks enthusiasts by introducing a 50% off sale on the Fantastic Fireworks online shop. At present we have 10 lines of brilliant  stock which we have decided to make half price until the end of 2012 (and maybe longer). The fireworks for sale vary from small cakes to very large rocket packs, but the item which has already raised a few eyebrows is the inclusion of the Bangenstein firework. “Why are they including the Bangenstein in their discount fireworks... Read More