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Burns Night 2018 Special Offer

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how much space do i need for my garden fireworks 07/10/2017

How much space do I need for my garden fireworks display? 

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of garden fireworks that you can let off at home we are often asked how much space is required for a fireworks display.   If you think back to the days when televisions were housed in huge boxes or when mobile phones were as big as bricks you’ll have an idea of far fireworks have likewise progressed. Back then fireworks were big beasts that needed a huge amount of space in which to be watched safely.   These days manufacturers make fireworks small enough to be enjoyed from... Read More


What Music Works Well With Fireworks?

What Music Works Well With Fireworks? What are the most popular tracks for fireworks? You asked, we answered! Whether you are planning a firework display that’s crammed full with big bangs and effects or a little more low key, music is a perfect accompaniment! The question is, what music works best? Obviously, it all comes down to personal preferences, but the company you are hosting also comes into it. You don’t want to be blasting out explicit content over the PA at a school event for example. Additionally, a themed... Read More


Keeping your Pets Safe During Fireworks Displays

  With firework season fast approaching, our weekly discussion has turned to the topic of keeping your pets safe during fireworks. We all know that fireworks can be distressing for our pets, but it’s often something of an afterthought during the excitement of planning and buying fireworks for your display. The RSPCA has some solid advice on how to keep our precious pets’ safe and we’ve created a list of top picks that we think are especially important!   Keep everyone in the loop First and foremost; notifying your neighbors.... Read More


How rockets work and how to use them safely

How rockets work Rockets consist of a propellant charge contained in a cartridge or case attached to a stick, which provides stability by providing drag. The propellant is usually compacted gunpowder burning over a formed surface (most commonly a cone with a hollow centre) and the rapid rate of burn causes a large volume of gas to be quickly created and forced out of a clay, or more usually aluminium, choke or venturi.  This provides the force necessary to lift the rocket quickly into the air.  As it does so... Read More


CE fireworks – What you need to know

CE fireworks – What you need to know   The CE marking on fireworks came into effect as of  4th July 2010 under the Pyrotechnics Articles Safety Regulations 2010, and this meant that all new fireworks that were to be imported and created for sale in the European market after this date must be marked with the CE standard. However from the 4th July 2010 there was a transitional period where the previously marked BS7114  fireworks still could be sold and used up until 3rd July 2017. This transitional period was... Read More


New Products For 2017 – Goldilocks Zone

Goldilocks Zone is a brand new Category 2 firework for 2017, and as the name suggests this 36 shot piece is just right for your display! It fires all of its shots in just 20 seconds giving it good pace and filling the sky well, and as each shot leaves its tube it produces a golden mine effect which then breaks into a golden brocade further up into the sky. 36 shots of gold brocades and mine lifts certainly provide a stunning spectacle, and Goldilocks Zone is certainly a worthy contender... Read More


New Products for 2017 – Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets

Our Captain Fantastic Double Burst Rockets are one of our new packs of rockets for 2017 and come in the form of 5 rockets, each of which burst twice, as the name suggests, with their own unique effects. You may expect the Captain Fantastic Double Burst rockets to be quite large as they have two breaks, but these perform very well for their modest size at just over a meter long from the bottom of the stick to the top of the nose cone. The effects in this pack of... Read More


New Products for 2017 – The Greatest Show On Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth is another new firework coming out for this season, and it is also one of our biggest and most impressive fireworks. This firework is actually classed as a compound firework which means it is made up of two or more fireworks that have been joined and fused together to give a longer display. In the case of The Greatest Show On Earth it is made up of two fireworks that have been joined, and each one has a massive 100 shots bringing the total number of shots... Read More


New Products for 2017 – Blitz In A Box

Blitz In A Box is a firework we have had for the past 3 years, but this year we have remastered it because of the new CE regulations coming into force this year. Previously under the British Standard regulations (BS 7114) you could have a single firework with a Net Explosive Content over 1 kg. However, under new CE regulations that have been phased in over the past 5 or so years, there is now a limit of 1 kg per individual firework. As Blitz In A Box was originally 1.4 kg NEC... Read More