Ask a Question

Do I need a license to hold a fireworks display?

No. No licence or permit is required in the UK. However we advise you to let your neighbours and owners of pets or livestock nearby know the date and time of your display.

Do I need insurance?

Not if it’s a private event. All Fantastic Fireworks displays are covered by our own insurance. For public displays event insurance is required.

What level of insurance do you hold?

We carry £5 million as standard.

I want fireworks for an event tomorrow, can you help?

Yes. We have a rapid reaction team who can put on a display at less than 24 hours notice (UK only). We’ve even provided a same-day display for the winner of a £10,000 cash prize from MTV which had to be spent that day!

What is the latest I can set fireworks off?

11pm is the curfew for most nights but there are extensions for November 5th (midnight), Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve (1am).

Do I need to notify the police or local authorities?

No. However if you think a display may cause an unexpected disturbance letting them and your neighbours in advance know will make everyone aware.

How much do fireworks cost?

We have individual fireworks for sale from as little as £10. Our professional firework displays start from £1200 and go up to £100,000 and beyond.

Do you deliver fireworks?
Yes, order online and we will despatch the following working day

How much space do I need for a fireworks display? 
For a private back garden display of your own you'll need at least 25 metres between your spectators and the firing area. For professional fireworks displays we have fired in all sorts of locations, on the sea, on lakes, on rivers, on rooftops, in city centres and in some of the tightest locations. In short there are few places we can't fire a display.

What happens if it rains?

The show goes on. All our displays are fully waterproofed. For home firework displays we recommend you cover your fireworks in plastic sheeting which can be removed at the last minute. The only weather which seriously threatens a firework display is high wind because of the danger of blowing sparks into the audience.