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If you are looking for simply the best fireworks for sale Fantastic Fireworks are the leading name to buy fireworks online - currently rated Excellent 5 stars by Trustpilot - we deliver right to your door. We also have firework shops with fireworks for sale in Luton, Northwich and Oxford. Check out our fantastic range of single ignition fireworks, big rockets, wheels & fountains, candles and multishot fireworks. Our prices are the keenest you’ll find anywhere, but if you find the same firework at a cheaper price we offer a guaranteed price match! 

We also offer the best delivery deal of any fireworks retailer – FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £350! (conditions apply). 

For discount fireworks our ‘earlybird’ offers give you up to a fantastic £500 off your season order! If you are ordering for a Community display and would like one of our Catalogues and money off vouchers and Pyro Packs, please call 0800 511511 for more information.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service so that when you buy fireworks it is an easy and enjoyable experience. You can browse and pick your favourite display fireworks by watching demo videos in product descriptions or buy one of our DIY Firework Display Packs which have been handpicked by our team of experts to create brilliant displays guaranteed to thrill your audience. For a step-by-step guide on things to consider when throwing the ultimate fireworks party, watch our new video starring Captain Fantastic!  Also, look out for our Bang-o-meter in product descriptions. This instant guide gives more information on product noise level, colour, number of shots, category and duration. Keep your eyes peeled for Captain Fantastic too to get your hands on the hottest picks. Our current best sellers include Party in A Box, War Hawk rockets,  Auld Lang Syne, Ragnarok, and the brilliantly named ‘ShakalakaBOOMBOOM’.

Fantastic Fireworks is well-established with over 35 years of experience and as double winners of the British Fireworks Championship, the company has been recognised for its exceptional and innovative pyrotechnics. Our selection of fireworks to buy online is suitable for a wide range of celebrations that go beyond Bonfire Night, including New Year’s Eve, Diwali, weddings, birthdays, community displays and much, much more. Fireworks are also designed to suit different users; so if you’re a fan of the sparkle, but not the noise, see our range of quiet fireworks, but if the bang gives you a buzz, check out our Loud Fireworks.

Our fireworks are either Category 2 or 3, both of which are the closest things to professional fireworks without requiring a licence. The former is also known as garden fireworks; these normally require 8-15-metre distance while the latter are more suited for larger areas (25-metre distance) and community displays. Many of the fireworks for sale on our website are one-fuse, single ignition fireworks and easy to use. They come with clear instructions and notes to guide you, so don’t worry if you are a first time user!

Fantastic Fireworks offer inclusive training courses for amateurs and professionals open to the general public and community groups including Scout & Guide groups, School PTAs, Round Table, Rotary, Lions, Public Houses and Parish Councils. Courses take place several times a year and are based in Luton. For more information on training dates and online bookings, head over to our fireworks training website.

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